Increasing Sales and Productivity Course Now Available

As part of our ongoing quest to make the Success Portal a more useful tool for helping companies derive value out of their Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployments, we have begun introducing courses as part of the content. One of the first of these courses, “Increasing Sales and Productivity” is designed to help system administrators boost the sales productivity of their users through the use of the standard sales tools in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

The Increasing Sales and Productivity course includes seven videos devoted to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Success Portal users can access this and other courses at

Success Portal accounts are free for companies that name xRM as their Partner of Record with Microsoft.

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Increasing Sales and Productivity Course Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2013





Increasing Sales and Productivity

Creating Productive Personalized Dashboards

In this lesson, you will learn how create Dashboards than can drive sales productivity. Dashboards are tremendously effective tools for driving productivity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Dynamics CRM Online. In this video, learn first how to create the personalized components that go into building a custom Dashboard. Then learn how to build and format the Dashboard itself.

Productive Dashboards and How to Use Them

In this lesson, we explain the basics of the Dashboard feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and CRM Online. We cover what a dashboard is, outline some of the commands Users can take with regards to dashboards, and how they can be best utilized to drive productivity.

How to Create Productive Sales Goals

In this lesson, you will learn how create productive sales Goals in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Goals can be highly effective tools for motivating your staff to meet productivity targets. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides goal management features that help you set business goals in sales, marketing, and service and measure users’ progress towards those goals.

Productive Business Process Flows

In this lesson, we show how you can utilize Business Process Flows to increase efficiency and productivity. Process Flows can increase sales productivity in two important ways: by communicating to the end user the important steps and stages in the sale, service, or custom process that is unique to an organization and by potentially enforcing a standardized system, which so many organizations lack. Business Process Flows also help track critical data elements that must be captured during the process itself, and in conjunction with the appropriate entity, such as the Lead, the Case, or whichever entity or entities support the process.

Productive Sales Goals

In this lesson, we illustrate how to create sales Goals in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Dynamics CRM Online that can help your company reach its sales and revenue objectives. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Goals allow the user or manager to set metrics for users or teams, and then the data, as it natively populates in CRM, will then “roll up” to show progress around those goals. Once goals are set, the users imply use the system as it is designed, and then the progress toward those goals is nicely revealed.

Productive Workflows

In this lesson, you will learn how to create Workflows that can drive productivity in your organization. A Workflow is a type of “Process” in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Dynamics CRM Online, which can automate action, based mainly on changing data. This changing data is generally considered to be the “trigger” that causes the workflow to operate. The automated process that results from the trigger can include the creation of other records, such as tasks, the sending of an email, or updating of existing data. Workflows are productive because they can save time by leaving it up to the system to act upon changing data and perform actions that humans would otherwise need do.

System Dashboards

In this lesson, we identify the difference between Personal Dashboards and System Dashboards and explain how to create a System Dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. System Dashboards, which are viewable by everyone with the requisite privileges in the organization, can be tremendous tools for boosting productivity and user adoption.

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Could you use free CRM Online training?

We’ve all had some kind of experience in the work environment with “new” and “improved” software. Usually it starts with one of those 8-hour long company meetings where you and all your coworkers are sitting in one big conference room with a “trained representative” from the company. The trained representative attempts to transfer all of his knowledge and expertise to you in one day, and then you never see him again.

There has to be a better way.

As a company that provides hosting and development for a large client base, the traditional classroom-training model just does not work for us. We simply have too many customers to train, even if they all wanted to pay us! So how did we solve this problem? We developed a model of training that doesn’t require a physical classroom. We call our virtual Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online classroom the “Success Portal by”

When you visit the Success Portal, you’ll follow a literal “road to knowledge” (see below).

 Could you use free CRM Online training

All you have to do now is click a topic that interests you, and you are presented with a list of guided walkthrough videos related to that topic. This is where the real knowledge is! Each video is narrated by one of our expert instructors and walks you through a specific topic, such as “Adding a Contract Line” (see below).

 Could you use free CRM Online training

We didn’t completely ditch the classroom approach, the videos are organized as “classes” and they guide you up a smooth academic slope towards CRM proficiency. After watching a video on the Success Portal, you’ll receive an e-mail that summarizes the content of the video, and it serves as a handy reference in the future. We also offer an extensive and growing number of quizzes that test what you have learned. You can take them or not; the quizzes are optional.

 Could you use free CRM Online training

Users of all types, from rookies to seasoned veterans, find immediate benefit in training for Microsoft CRM. Investing even a short amount of time into professional CRM Online education can make a world of difference. You’ll learn more than the best practices of simple tasks, you’ll also learn how to use features such as Reporting, Mail Merge, Duplicate Detection, and Workflows.

As “proud parents” of the Success Portal, we could talk about it for hours on end. We’ll save you the bore, but keep this in mind: CRM Online education doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to be costly. You and your fellow coworkers can learn free at your own pace using the Success Portal, and you can always return for a quick visit to refresh on important topics!

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Training Videos on YouTube

Recently, made a few of its Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online training videos available on YouTube. The videos are full-length examples of the CRM Online tutorials that the company offers in the Success Portal by, which is a free Microsoft CRM Online training resource for companies that have declared their Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of Record. At the heart of the Success Portal are more than 100 Microsoft CRM Online tutorial videos. You can watch four of these Microsoft CRM training videos below or read more about the Microsoft CRM Online training resources available in the Success Portal.

Sample CRM Online Training Videos from the Success Portal

Introduction to the Success Portal by provides an overview of the Success Portal, describes the resources contained within, and explains how the any business can use the Success Portal as a powerful Microsoft Dynamics CRM training tool.

CRM Online Sales Module Introduction explains the organization and features of the Sales module in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, as well as Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts, and other important entities that make CRM Online a powerful sales tool.

CRM Online Service Module Introduction examines the feature set of the most capable, powerful, and complex of the standard modules in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The video focuses on the heart of the Service module—the Case—as well as the Activities, Contracts, and Knowledge Base Articles that help resolve Cases in CRM Online.

CRM Online Marketing Module Introduction walks the viewer through the layout of the Marketing module in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and explains all of the important entities, such as Lead, that make CRM Online a very good tool for coordinating marketing efforts.

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Introducing the Success Portal by

Regular readers of our blog have heard us discuss the virtues of CRM 2011 and CRM Online before and have come to see our blog as a valuable source of information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM products.

Now, we would like to introduce you to the Success Portal by for CRM Online users, our ongoing mission to provide an unparalleled level of free service to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscribers. If you have signed up for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online trial or are looking for ways to get more out of your existing CRM Online deployment, the Success Portal can be an invaluable Microsoft CRM training resource.

Currently, we offer more than 100 tutorials devoted to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and we’re adding more CRM Online training videos to the Success Portal every week. We’ve organized the tutorial into classes that encourage you to watch multiple videos related to a topic. Our five Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online courses cover the following topics: “Getting Started,” “Using CRM,” “Configuring CRM,” “Customizing CRM,” and “Beyond CRM – xRM.” For those who need training for CWR Mobile CRM, we have a sixth course (“Mobility”) just for you as well. Once you’ve watched a video, you will receive a follow-up email that summarizes and reinforces the content of the Microsoft CRM training tutorial that you have just watched.

After watching a video, you have the option to take one of the dozens of quizzes that we provide in the Success Portal. Each quiz tests the material presented in one of the videos and gives you a chance to measure what you have learned. Once you have submitted your answers, the Success Portal grades your quiz and provides explanations so that you can learn even from your incorrect answers. Once you have attained a passing score on a quiz, you receive certification of your passing score via email. As you proceed through the Success Portal, you can also track your personal quiz history.

If you are already Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscriber, the Success Portal costs you nothing. Simply declare as your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of Record (POR) and join the Success Portal. If you aren’t yet a CRM Online customer, admission to the Success Portal costs only a CRM Online subscription. is one of the leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM resellers in the world, and subscribing to CRM Online through automatically makes your organization eligible to join the Success Portal.

Please visit for more information or visit our YouTube channel to watch sample-length versions of our Microsoft CRM training videos.

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