The SMB Advantage Subsidy Program Ends May 31, 2014

Microsoft SMB AdvantageThere is less than one month remaining to take advantage of the Microsoft SMB Advantage program. Any SMB (small to mid-size business) customer who buys eligible licenses (also called seats) of selected products, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Office 365, and SQL Server Premium will receive a subsidy check that they can use to purchase licenses or services from a Microsoft Partner such as xRM. Both new and existing Microsoft customers qualify.

The subsidy check, which gets sent to the Microsoft Partner that you have designated, represents a great opportunity to obtain services from an expert consultant for free, or at a reduced rate. xRM customers have utilized their SMB dvantage payouts to help cover the cost of CRM consulting services, such customizations to their CRM organizations and training.


The SMB Advantage rebate check is based on the annual subscription rate for the purchased service times the monthly payout rate. For example, a company purchasing 10 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional licenses would qualify for a subsidy check of $1560 (10 Professional licenses * $65 per license * 12 months * 20% = $1560).

Product Rebate
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 20%
Office 365 10%
Office 365 E3, E4, and Power BI An additional 10%
SQL Server Premium 12%
Dynamics CRM On-premises 12%


The SMB Advantage ends at 5:00 PM PDT on May 31, 2014.

You must register your SMB Advantage claim within 15 days of your purchase (also before 5:00 PM PDT).


To be eligible, your company must be a small or mid-size business (SMB) as designated by Microsoft, purchasing between 5 and 200 seats. Academic institutions are not eligible.

Licenses have to be purchased through the Open License Program or Microsoft Online Services Program.

Only companies and their affiliates doing business in the US qualify for the SMB Advantage offer.

Go to the SMB Advantage page to read more about the offer, download a list of eligible products, calculate your subsidy, and redeem your purchase.

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