Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Update Rollup 2 Now Available

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Update Rollup 2 (UR2) is now available from the Microsoft Download Center. UR2 includes four major compatibility updates as well as a myriad of hotfixes.

Important updates include:

  • Support for Windows 8.1 for the web application and CRM for Tablets
  • Support for Internet Explorer 11 for the web application and CRM for Tablets
  • Support for Safari using the web application and CRM for Tablets using the tablet app for iPad Air
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Server

UR2 also includes hotfixes for several dozen issues that have cropped up since CRM 2013 was introduced.

Issues addressed include:

  • When using the Upgrade Wizard, an error message appears with a red flag in the System Checks window: “The product key is not compatible with the installed version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”
  • The CRM for Outlook client is unresponsive during startup.
  • The telephone field is not populated correctly when a telephone call activity is created from an existing lead or contact.
  • Some records are duplicated if the user clicks the Save or Mark Complete buttons more than once.
  • The field alignment settings are not respected on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 forms.

You can read more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 UR2 here.

Download Update Rollup 2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.


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End of Support for Windows XP and Office 2003 is April 8, 2014

After years of faithful service in offices across the world, the end is finally near for Microsoft Office 2003 and Windows XP. End of Support (EOS) means that Microsoft will no longer provide support nor release updates, including security fixes, for Office 2003 or Windows XP.

Microsoft will also cease to provide Microsoft Security Essential for Windows XP, meaning that any PC still running Windows XP will become vulnerable to viruses, bots, and other malware.

If you have been putting off upgrading to more recent versions of Windows and Office, now is the time to make the move. Microsoft is even offering an incentive known as Get2Modern to help small-to-midsize businesses make the switch to Office 2013 and Windows 8.1.

For those with older computers, you can use the Windows Upgrade Assistant to check to see if your computer will run modern versions of Windows.

If you are still running Office 2003, now is an excellent opportunity to see if the time is right to switch to Office 365.

Click here to read more about end of support for Windows XP.

Click here to read more about end of support for Office 2003.


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for Tablets

Whether you are waiting for a cup of coffee in a café or sitting on a plane 10,000 feet above the ground, the new mobile functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 keeps you connected to your business on the go.  This exciting application enables you to stay on top of your game with a customizable Sales Dashboard where your priorities are clearly displayed and every topic is easily navigable.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for Tablets

CRM for tablets is extremely touch friendly; you can organize daily activities and manage sales contacts with a few touches and swipes.  Whether it’s a 9.7’’ IPad or a 10.8’’ Surface, everything is resized nicely to fit on your screen.


On your customized Sales Dashboard, the ultimate platform to manage your business activities, you can create new tasks, update contacts, view accounts, access leads, visualize opportunities, and make calls via Skype
by simply clicking on the contacts phone number. The CRM app allows you to pin your go-to items onto the Sales Dashboard, tailoring the homepage to your everyday business needs.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for Tablets

It’s also impressively easy to create new records.  From the Sales Dashboard you can pull up the Command Bar with a simple upward swipe on your Windows tablet (or a right click on an iPad), and quickly fill out the forms for accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, or competitors.  Creating new records can be done easily while you’re on the go.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for Tablets


As with most products that get transferred into app form, Dynamics CRM for tablets is not as robust as its PC counterpart.  Mapping workflows and many app customizations cannot be completed on a tablet. Although these limitations do exist, the app was designed to give you access to what you will need when you’re on the go, such as account and contact info.

You can find the app in the Windows Store for Windows products, iTunes for Apple products, and the Google Play Store for Android products.  The app is called Microsoft Dynamics CRM and is free to download.  CRM is accessible both on Windows Surface RT and Pro, Android, as well as 3rd and 4th Gen iPads.  To get set up on your tablet now check out CRM for Tablets: Set up and use. For more information regarding CRM 2013 for tablets, head over to CRM for tablets: Information for end users.

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