CRM Online Renewal Pricing Increase Delayed

Microsoft recently announced that it is delaying the implementation of the new Professional CRM Online license renewal rate until February 9, 2014. This date now marks the first day that existing CRM Online customers will have their Professional CRM Online licenses renewed at the higher, $65 per-user, per-month rate.

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Existing customers who renew on or before February 8, 2014, can continue to receive their Professional licenses at the previous, $44 per-user, per-month rate. This rate is good for the remainder of the contract.

CRM Online subscribers who renew on or after February 9, 2014 will renew at the new rate of $65 per-user, per-month rate.

The previous deadline was February 1, 2014.

One thought on “CRM Online Renewal Pricing Increase Delayed

  1. It’s worth remembering that you might not need to convert your existing users to the new Professional license. If some of them can use the Basic or Essential license, you could renew them at lower prices.

    I expect this mix-and-match feature to save some customers money even though the headline subscription price is going up.

    Details are in the pricing and licensing guide:

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