Two Weeks Left to Earn Funds with Microsoft SMB Advantage

Microsoft SMB Advantage

SMB Advantage, a new incentive program from Microsoft targeted to small and midsized companies, expires on November 30, 2013. This program allows you to earn subsidy funds that you can apply towards future purchases of Microsoft software licenses, subscriptions, or associated services from eligible Microsoft partners such as xRM.

There is no better time to buy additional Microsoft licenses than during the SMB Advantage program. The program represents an excellent opportunity to defray the costs of implementing a new Microsoft solution or to lower the upfront cost of upgrading to the latest versions of Microsoft software.

SMB Advantage provides four ways for Microsoft customers to earn funds:

1. Purchase Open Licenses
2. Subscribe to Online Services
3. Buy Windows Server and Office 365 Online Services
4. Buy Windows Server and Deploy with Hyper-V

There are numerous products that are eligible including the latest on-premises software and cloud-based services. You can download a list of all products eligible for SMB Advantage.

Payout Structure

The total payout amount will be determined according to the rate structure below and the calculation details described in the terms and conditions.

The Microsoft SMB Advantage Payout Schedule

Whether you are looking to make the move to the cloud, upgrade your server, or purchase new software, this subsidy check can be used to enrich your Microsoft solution. To earn with SMB Advantage, you need to purchase an eligible product or products, claim your rebate, and then receive a subsidy check made payable to a Microsoft partner of your choice. You then have 90 days from the issue date to spend the subsidy funds on additional Microsoft licenses, subscriptions, or services (such as consulting) from a Microsoft partner. Take advantage of SMB Advantage today by contacting xRM at For additional information check out the SMB Advantage FAQ.

xRM ( is a Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle invitee providing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, application hosting, software development, and consulting. We offer our customers unparalleled choice and flexibility when it comes to deployment models (on-premise, hosted, or hybrid) and professional services.

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