xRM Teams with Akvelon to Provide Hosted Global Search

xRM has teamed up with Akvelon to provide the company’s Global Search application to Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers that have partner-hosted deployments. Global Search was previously available only to CRM Online customers and as an on-premises application. There are currently two hosted versions of Global Search available from xRM: Global Search Standard and Global Search Plus.

Global Search Standard enables you to conduct a single search query and get results from all entities in your CRM database. Global Search Standard costs $5 per user, per month.

Global Search Plus allows you to make a single search query that nets results not only from all entities in your database, but also from email attachments and documents uploaded to CRM. Global Search Plus costs $6 per user, per month.

Benefits of Global Search

Akvelon Global Search improves the productivity of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM users by giving them near instant access to all information within your CRM system. It virtually eliminates the frustrating problem of missing or misplaced data within your CRM database.

Features of Akvelon Global Search

  • Works in Outlook or IE
  • Searches inside tracked emails and attachments uploaded to CRM
  • Searches all records with a single query from any page in CRM
  • Search by Lookup fields
  • Displays results in a single view, categorized by record type

Click here to learn more about hosted Akvelon Global Search.

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