CWR Mobility announces hosted subscription-based offering of CWR Mobile CRM

If you’re looking for a mobile solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you’ll probably find CWR Mobile CRM. Here’s the basic rundown on CWR Mobile CRM: You purchase it as a customization from a Microsoft Partner, install a corresponding application on your mobile device, input a few settings, and bam! Suddenly, you have full native mobile access to CRM Online.

That’s great for CRM Online subscribers, but what about partner-hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM subscribers? As of October 2012, CWR Mobility now offers a hosted subscription-based version of CWR Mobile CRM. You’ll need to find a Microsoft Partner to host CWR Mobile CRM for you, but that should be easy, since we,, are a Microsoft Partner with a Gold competency and more than a decade of hosting experience. We have extensive experience with CWR Mobile CRM as well, so much so that CWR Mobility chose us as their sole hosting partner for CWR Mobile CRM.

CWR Mobile CRM costs $30 per month per user, although it’s available for $5 less per month if you commit to a one-year subscription.

If you have more questions about CWR Mobile CRM, we covered the product in more detail in our post “Going mobile with CWR Mobility and CWR Mobile CRM 2011”.

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