Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Training Videos on YouTube

Recently, made a few of its Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online training videos available on YouTube. The videos are full-length examples of the CRM Online tutorials that the company offers in the Success Portal by, which is a free Microsoft CRM Online training resource for companies that have declared their Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of Record. At the heart of the Success Portal are more than 100 Microsoft CRM Online tutorial videos. You can watch four of these Microsoft CRM training videos below or read more about the Microsoft CRM Online training resources available in the Success Portal.

Sample CRM Online Training Videos from the Success Portal

Introduction to the Success Portal by provides an overview of the Success Portal, describes the resources contained within, and explains how the any business can use the Success Portal as a powerful Microsoft Dynamics CRM training tool.

CRM Online Sales Module Introduction explains the organization and features of the Sales module in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, as well as Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts, and other important entities that make CRM Online a powerful sales tool.

CRM Online Service Module Introduction examines the feature set of the most capable, powerful, and complex of the standard modules in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The video focuses on the heart of the Service module—the Case—as well as the Activities, Contracts, and Knowledge Base Articles that help resolve Cases in CRM Online.

CRM Online Marketing Module Introduction walks the viewer through the layout of the Marketing module in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and explains all of the important entities, such as Lead, that make CRM Online a very good tool for coordinating marketing efforts.

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