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Regular readers of our blog have heard us discuss the virtues of CRM 2011 and CRM Online before and have come to see our blog as a valuable source of information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM products.

Now, we would like to introduce you to the Success Portal by for CRM Online users, our ongoing mission to provide an unparalleled level of free service to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscribers. If you have signed up for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online trial or are looking for ways to get more out of your existing CRM Online deployment, the Success Portal can be an invaluable Microsoft CRM training resource.

Currently, we offer more than 100 tutorials devoted to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and we’re adding more CRM Online training videos to the Success Portal every week. We’ve organized the tutorial into classes that encourage you to watch multiple videos related to a topic. Our five Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online courses cover the following topics: “Getting Started,” “Using CRM,” “Configuring CRM,” “Customizing CRM,” and “Beyond CRM – xRM.” For those who need training for CWR Mobile CRM, we have a sixth course (“Mobility”) just for you as well. Once you’ve watched a video, you will receive a follow-up email that summarizes and reinforces the content of the Microsoft CRM training tutorial that you have just watched.

After watching a video, you have the option to take one of the dozens of quizzes that we provide in the Success Portal. Each quiz tests the material presented in one of the videos and gives you a chance to measure what you have learned. Once you have submitted your answers, the Success Portal grades your quiz and provides explanations so that you can learn even from your incorrect answers. Once you have attained a passing score on a quiz, you receive certification of your passing score via email. As you proceed through the Success Portal, you can also track your personal quiz history.

If you are already Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscriber, the Success Portal costs you nothing. Simply declare as your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of Record (POR) and join the Success Portal. If you aren’t yet a CRM Online customer, admission to the Success Portal costs only a CRM Online subscription. is one of the leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM resellers in the world, and subscribing to CRM Online through automatically makes your organization eligible to join the Success Portal.

Please visit for more information or visit our YouTube channel to watch sample-length versions of our Microsoft CRM training videos.

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  1. This success portal is an excellent idea for current and prospective Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online users. As a user of Dynamics I can cretainly see the benefits of having these tutorial style videos. They will allow users to gain maximum benefit from the CRM package at a faster rate, allowing users to gain advantages faster. Also, the fact thatsuch videos are being provided free of charge is certainly a step in the right direction towards educating people about cloud computing technologies.

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