Enable CRM Online 2011 e-mail tools

Many subscribers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011 enjoy the integration offered by the CRM Online 2011 for Microsoft Office Outlook client, which gives them the ability to access CRM Online 2011 through the Outlook interface. When using the client, you gain access to a few additional features included with CRM Online 2011 at no extra cost, such as automatic tracking of e-mail messages, contacts, and appointments.

A commonly overlooked and underappreciated feature of the client that is disabled by default is its ability to send e-mail messages generated from CRM Online 2011 using Outlook. There are several scenarios in which e-mails may be generated by Microsoft CRM Online. If you are a marketing expert, it is likely that you regularly use campaigns to send e-mails to your customers regarding new products or promotions. You may have had a workflow created through Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customization and configuration that sends e-mails triggered by database changes, such as the addition of a new customer. Subscribers who take advantage of reporting can also automate the reporting process by regularly e-mailing dynamic reports to specific recipients at specific intervals.

The only real drawback of e-mail sending, as we mentioned above, is that it is not enabled by default when you install the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook client. That’s really not too much of a hassle though, as enabling the feature is quick and pain-free. We’ll walk you through it below.

No special privileges are required to perform this task.

From within Microsoft Outlook (see below), open the File menu, select CRM, and click the Options button.

 Enable CRM Online 2011 e-mail tools

The Set Personal Options window opens (see below). In the E-mail tab, check the first box titled Allow Microsoft Dynamics CRM to send e-mail using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook and click the OK button to save your changes.

 Enable Microsoft CRM Online 2011 e-mail tools

We told you this would be an easy one! As always, there are various quick tips, quick tricks, and informative articles available on this blog, which is authored and managed by xRM.com. If you are looking for some more in-depth ways to make CRM Online 2011 work for your business, the CRM Success Portal is a great place to start.

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