Mobile Express Improves in CRM Online 2011

Mobile Express is a streamlined interface for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that is optimized for small screen navigation. It allows users to access CRM Online (or any other deployment model of Dynamics CRM) via any web-enabled mobile device. In Dynamics CRM 4.0, users could choose which entities appeared when they used Mobile Express. In CRM Online 2011, Mobile Express takes configuration one step further, allowing users to choose which individual attributes appear within each entity.

You will need a System Administrator, System Customizer, or equivalent security role to configure Mobile Express, and you must perform the configuration while accessing Dynamics CRM through a browser or Outlook rather than through Mobile Express itself. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to enable Accounts for Mobile Express.

In Dynamics CRM 2011, navigate to Settings > Customization > Customizations > Customize the System (see below).

This is the step where you choose which entity you wish to configure. As stated above, we will be configuring the Account entity, but you are free to customize any system or custom entity of your choice under the Entities tab. After clicking Customize the System, click on the Account entity. (See below.) Then scroll down to the checkbox for Mobile Express and make sure it is checked.

Now click Forms, which is underneath the Account entity in the left panel. (See below.) When the list of existing forms for the Account entity opens in the right panel, double click Mobile to open the Mobile Express form.

Use the Add or Add All buttons (see below) to move attributes from the Available Attributes list to the Selected Attributes list and make them visible in Mobile Express. Use the Remove and Remove All buttons to move them back and hide them. You can also rearrange the attribute display order in Mobile Express using the Move Up and Move Down buttons. The Read Only button lets you display an attribute without letting the Mobile Express user change its value. When you’re done, click the save and close icon (it looks like a disk with an x over it).

Finalize your changes by selecting the Publish All Changes button back on the Forms page. (See below or above.)

Once you have configured the entities and attributes in Mobile Express to your liking, you can check your changes on your mobile device. Simply type in the URL you normally use to access your CRM Online account through a web browser, then place “/m” at the end of the URL. Here is a generic example, “”. (You can even try appending /m to the URL in a regular browser to get a look at the Mobile Express view without using a mobile device.) provides integrated business solutions incorporating Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other technologies in the Microsoft application and server stack. We offer CRM Online training to end users and system customizers to ensure that your business fully utilizes its CRM solution along with new features such as Mobile Express entity configuration. If you are interested in a CRM Online implementation and integration, please visit our call to action.

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  2. Can you please advise how to enable the mobile option for a custom entity ? In my case the custom entity mobile option is grayed out ? Any idea how to make it work ? Thanks

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