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There is a plethora of features and tools in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. All are designed to create an intuitive, productive experience for the end user. In order to provide users with a guide to some of these features, Microsoft has added a new type of content to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Resource Center—tutorials. These tutorials illustrate how a given CRM feature can increase your productivity while making your job easier.

The CRM Online tutorials thus far include:

Clone records without code

There are times when a user wants to create a new record based on an existing record. A number of solutions have been made in order to make this a simple process, as opposed to inputting data manually to replicate the existing record. In the past, these solutions have required custom coding. Now CRM Online allows users to clone records without writing any code, and this tutorial walks you through the process.

Configure option set (drop-down) fields

An option set field is a drop-down list style field. These are commonly used to categorize records. This tutorial describes how to create and edit option set fields.

Import price lists

In CRM Online, a price list is a collection of detailed prices that can be charged for each unit in the unit group of a product. If you need to import an existing price list, say from one of your vendors, into CRM Online, this tutorial will walk you through the process.

Importing Outlook contact data that includes categories

CRM Online and Microsoft Office Outlook can be integrated seamlessly, but the necessary planning and preparation must be done before you can import Outlook contacts that contain data in the “Categories” field. This tutorial identifies questions about your data that must be answered before importing, as well as a number of pathways to choose from in order to import the data.

Customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online by using workflows

Workflows are sets of rules that identify necessary steps in the automation of specific business processes, tasks, or sets of actions to be performed on CRM Online records. This tutorial walks you through workflow structure, three ways to create workflows, and the process of creating workflows by using the Web application.

Close multiple activities with a workflow

Quite simply, this tutorial walks you through the process of creating a workflow that alleviates the task of closing numerous windows manually.

Create a dialog to qualify sales leads

Dialogs are useful a tool that directs users through work processes that require user interaction and input. This tutorial walks a sample user through the process of creating and activating dialog used to provide the steps for qualifying sales leads, tracking customer responses, and creating new opportunities for qualified leads.

Customize your organization’s nomenclature

CRM Online provides common names for all entities such as Account, Contact, and Case. However, individual companies often have their own terminology. Dynamics CRM has room for customization so the nomenclature of your company matches that of your CRM solution.

Creating a sales process with stages using a workflow

CRM Online allows you to automate a number of the tasks and activities associated with the sales process simply by creating a workflow. Learn how to do so with this tutorial.

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