Comparing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and

Are you looking for a cloud-based CRM offering? If so, you may have discovered that there are a number of options to choose from when implementing a cloud strategy. This blog post could help you decide which offering works best for your company. The following is a summary of an extended comparison of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Professional Edition.

User Adoption 

CRM Online provides a similar interface to other Microsoft products. This increases user adoption rates for end users already familiar with the Microsoft ecosystem. Furthermore, CRM Online is designed to integrate seamlessly into a Microsoft software environment, creating a holistic solution for the end user. is a stand-alone product, with its own interface style.

Total Cost of Ownership

The TCO of CRM Online is lower than CRM Online costs $44 per user, per month, while costs $65 per user, per month.


CRM Online provides 5 GB of storage upfront compared to the 2 GB offered by

Mobile Support

Mobile Express enables users to access CRM Online via their web-enabled mobile device for no extra charge. charges additional monthly fees for their mobile service.

Offline Capabilities

CRM Online allows users to view all standard and custom entities offline at no additional cost. charges a monthly fee in order to use its Professional Edition offline. Offline operation is not available for Salesforce Contact Manager or Group Edition.

If CRM Online proves to be your ideal choice for a cloud-based offering, can design the optimal business solution for your company. We specialize in Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations. From assessing your company’s needs, to deploying a solution designed specifically for your business, can help your business become efficient and cost-effective.

Read the full text of the comparison and view a comparison chart here: CRM Online vs.

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  1. Another key area for any potential prospect to look into is not in the core base cost of SalesForce, but in the long term cost. Talk with some existing users and see what they are paying per user per month after a year or two. After they have added other features they feel were needed, after they have changed things. The same goes for Dynamics CRM for although the core monthly cost does not go up, they might want to look at the cost of consulting. Although both products require consulting/training resources in equal amounts you might find that CRM Online asks for a bit more fine tuning. In the long run CRMOnline is cheaper, but the consideration variables are many.

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