An Abundance of Third-Party IT in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace

Coinciding with the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft has created the Dynamics Marketplace so partners, like xRM, and users can post custom CRM applications and solutions to benefit the Dynamics community. Microsoft Partners create an ample number of solutions for Microsoft Dynamics products, which are designed to help users fully leverage the software. The Dynamics Marketplace helps users find a solution best suited to their needs. Created primarily to compliment Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (though it contains content for Dynamics ERP as well), the Dynamics Marketplace is mutually beneficial for partners and customers. Partners can post their written solutions and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 customizations while customers can browse the catalog for industry-specific applications or compatible Microsoft partners.

The main purpose of the Dynamics Marketplace is to connect Dynamics CRM customers with a Microsoft Partner that can help them with a business solution; the marketplace does this through a traditional catalog environment. This catalog empowers customers, giving them the freedom to choose a specific application through a series of filters and suggestions. Code for these applications will be hosted in the marketplace and customers can download them as a trial or as a production system. If customers’ needs extend beyond a single application, the marketplace allows them to find partners that can be hired to host and manage their CRM solutions.

The Dynamics Marketplace fosters mutually beneficial relationships now that partners can attract customers who are seeking out a service provider based on select criteria. The marketplace allows partner “X” to attract business from customers seeking out services, who have not yet heard of partner “X”. The Dynamics Marketplace is the forum that brings the two together. At the time of this writing, partners can post links in the marketplace that lead customers directly to their sites, where they can handle transactions. Eventually, the Dynamics Marketplace will be able to handle transactions between the partner and customer on the site, streamlining the experience for both parties.

Dynamics Marketplace
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The Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace is an environment that helps customers maximize their business’ potential, and allows partners to highlight their specialties. Accessible from both inside and outside of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, the Dynamics Marketplace is not only the discovery of third-party IT, but also the effective utilization of IT. The Dynamics Marketplace delivers partner value in a frictionless way. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, xRM will be contributing effective and helpful solutions to the Dynamics Marketplace.

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