Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta became available today

We are pleased to announce that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta is out!

Dynamics CRM 2011 is the next major version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 delivers the Power of Productivity through familiar, connected and intelligent experiences for users inside and outside an organization. 

To sign up for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Beta click here.
To download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta click here.

The Beta version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Japanese and Chinese languages.  At launch, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 will be available in more than 40 languages!

System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7; Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista; Windows XP.

 For detailed system requirements, see the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Implementation Guide.

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CRM customers have their say on reporting and analytics

A worldwide survey of Microsoft Dynamics customers has detailed their use of reporting and analytics.

Conducted by, the survey’s 432 respondents offered insight into their desire for improved analytics, challenges in analyzing and reporting Dynamics data, problems with offline spreadsheets, highlighted areas for organizational improvement, and barriers to business intelligence.

Zap’s published report on the survey reveals the challenges Dynamics users face in making better use of data, including reliance on technical staff, the time taken to perform this work, and not having the right tools. “Business users have a clear desire to perform analysis themselves, without relying on technical staff, but aren’t sure how to make this a reality,” the survey concluded.

The survey reveals that almost 70% of CRM customers agree their organization needs to improve its analytical capabilities to remain competitive. 29% of CRM users say achieving growth and recurring business would have a big impact on organizational performance, with achieving operational efficiency, winning new business, and identifying upselling and cross-selling opportunities for existing customers, also ranking. Currently, 40% of CRM customers use reporting tools to analyze their data, 23% use offline spreadsheets, and 18% Microsoft Dynamics. Those CRM users without a business intelligence (BI) solution say that it takes too long to implement and gain a return on investment (19%), and that they don’t have the budget for BI (17%). 62% of CRM users say using offline reporting and analysis causes problems with accuracy and data integrity.

To learn more about what Microsoft Dynamics customers are saying, and see how your organization measures up, download the report.

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Zap’s Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Zap’s Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an out-of-the-box analytics solution that turns your CRM transactions into insight, empowering employees to improve performance. Enhance decision-making and performance management with business intelligence (BI) capabilities such as dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), scorecards, reports, analysis, and alerts.

Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has earned the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM accreditation. The accreditation indicates that Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics CRM has met Microsoft’s highest global standard for partner-developed software, demonstrating development quality and compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics CRM by passing rigorous software solution testing by an independent third party.

Solution highlights include:

  • Instant visibility – Put performance information in the hands of your business users with pre-built analytics that give you instant visibility from day one of your rollout. Even the most remote employees can gain instant access using a web browser. The interface has a familiar Microsoft feel, and users can create their own analytics easily, without needing technical help. Instead of searching through endless reports to find crucial information, use rules, alerts, and exception reporting for immediate notification about changes in performance.
  • Everyday usability – The drag and drop web interface is fast and intuitive, and users never touch code or rely on developers to create analytics. It’s easy to create your own custom analytics, without the resource intensiveness typically associated with BI. The solution even comes packaged with out-of-the-box analytics to give you a head start, providing users with analytics from day one of your implementation.
  • Instant customizations – Business Intelligence provides a rapid, low-risk deployment, no matter how much you’ve customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our wizard-driven technology fast tracks the solution set up and makes it easy to import customizations on an ongoing basis, even for entire xRM solutions.
  • Rapid ROI – Business Intelligence delivers a rapid return on investment (ROI). Deployment is fast, instant value is provided to end users, and it’s easy to make rapid efficiency gains. Costs for ongoing maintenance and change management are minimal, adding to a low total cost of ownership.
  • A single, complete solution – Unlike many alternatives, Business Intelligence is a single, integrated solution to meet all your business intelligence needs – dashboards, reports, charts, analysis, key performance indicators (KPIs), scorecards, alerts, and business templates are in a single solution with a single interface. You only maintain and train one application – which ensures a low total cost of ownership and maximum productivity.
  • Extreme flexibility to adapt the solution to your needs – Business Intelligence is powerful and flexible. Whether you want to extend analytics to other non-Dynamics business systems, or customize the help when you add new capabilities, it’s all possible. Improve internal satisfaction and adoption of CRM. Enhance the use of CRM in your organization with analytics that show which areas are performing well and which areas need focus. You can even use analytics to improve data quality and monitor user adoption.
  • 100% Microsoft technology and certified. Business Intellgence is based on Microsoft technology and is certified under Microsoft’s testing program to successfully integrate with Dynamics CRM. Minimize the skills and resources you need to deploy analytics by choosing a Microsoft-based packaged solution that requires minimal IT resources.
  • Highly scalable from one to thousands of concurrent users – proven by industry standard testing. Suitable for SMEs through to enterprises.

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Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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