Address Verification with Microsoft CRM @ Streamline Solutions

Don’t you find it a mind-numbing task to fill out contact information whether it is on paper or on computer?  Filling addresses is particularly exasperating. There are a myriad of addresses to complete……Billing Mailing, Physical, Postal, Business, Home, Corporate, Shipping. Phew!!! It’s just tiring reading about it, can you imagine filling out all that information?

Well, I am proud to say that we have a group of geniuses working at Streamline Solutions. They have made filling out addresses in Microsoft Dynamics CRM easier than “APPLE” pie. All you have to do is enter a street address and the Zip Code and it automatically populates the City, State and country for you.


 If you enter an incorrect zip code you will get an error message.


Pretty awesome, don’t you think? Now if I can just get them to automate putting down the toilet seat! 



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