XRM Strategic Analysis

We strongly suggest starting your CRM process with our Strategic Analysis. When we are done, we might recommend that CRM is not the right product for you. Rarely does our analysis take more than one week. We interview users at all levels and ensure that proper expectations are set accurately. Additionally, part of our deliverables is a success criteria document that can be used with any CRM implementation partner. The Strategic Analysis is all about education. We educate you on CRM and via in depth information gathering sessions, educate ourselves on your business.

Here is an outline of our approach and what it entails:

  1. High-level strategic analysis.
    • Three days on-site at your business.
    • Approximately two days are spent compiling documentation reg.
  2. Educating the customer.
    • Detailed CRM Overview to give you an idea of what CRM can really do.
    • We give you a customized CRM demo.
  3. Due diligence efforts.
    • Streamline questionnaires are given so we can further understand the scope of work.
    • Further shadowing and requirements gathering are given.
    • A comprehensive mock up is attained.
    • Providing a detailed statement of work with expected cost.

CRM is a strategic long term decision for your company. More often than not companies are simply not prepared to start the process. They have not performed enough due diligence and they are not 100% clear on what value they are going to get from the solution. Additionally, they have no specific and documented short and long term goals for the product. Our strategic analysis will answer all your questions up front, before you make any large investments. We feel this process is one of the best investments your company can make.

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Proof Of Concept & Development Environment

By leveraging our partner hosted Microsoft CRM solution, we can rapidly create a proof of concept (POC) environment for you. Why take unnecessary risks when you can mitigate most of them via our hosted model. Enjoy the easy of our month to month commitments. It only takes about two hours to implement and has the same features as on premise CRM. Make sure you like the product and that your users will use it BEFORE making the big investment.

Start month to month in a POC environment with a limited number of users. See if they like it. If they do, add more users and make sure they like it. Does it perform well, do your users like the interface, do you find it easy to customize. If things go well, you can continue in the hosted model or purchase licenses and go on-premise at any time. Apart from having the necessary hardware and software to deploy the on-premise solution, there is no cost to go from the hosted model to the on premise model. More importantly, selecting a CRM consultant is one of the most critical decisions you will make to attain a successful CRM implementation.

In the hosted POC model you can begin working with the consultant immediately. It empowers you to quickly find out just how good your consultant is. Last but not least, looking at the downside and being negative, if you for any reason you don’t like and the product did not meet your expectations, you simply shut it down.

A quick list of what can be accomplished in a POC:

  • Verify the product. Look & feel, performance
  • Validate your deployment strategy and uncover potential red flags
  • Get buy in from users
  • Work quickly with decision makers while the topic and incentive to adopt a new solution is strong

We strongly encourage you to think of all the advantages of a POC environment. To inquire more or get pricing please contact us.

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Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) integration with Microsoft CRM

Microsoft CRM leverages the WWF platform. Windows Workflow Foundation is the programming model, engine and tools for quickly building workflow enabled applications on Windows. It consists of a .NET Framework version 3.0 namespace, an in-process work flow engine, and designers for Visual Studio 2005. Windows Workflow Foundation is available for both client and server versions of Windows. Windows Workflow Foundation includes support for both system work flow and human workflow across a wide range of scenarios including: workflow within line of business applications, user interface page-flow, document-centric workflow, human work flow, composite work flow for service oriented applications, business rule driven workflow and workflow for systems management.

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Microsoft CRM Customization

Like any CRM application available today, Microsoft CRM can be customized to flow with your business. Having one of our consultants work with you to make the product flow with your business can be one of the most important things your company can do to improve the chances of user adoption.

Microsoft CRM can be customized very easily and rapidly. All customizations are completed via the Internet Explorer client and can be completed on-site or off-site. Integrating customizations with custom code and workflow rules is very powerful.

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Our XRM Services

First and foremost, we need to understand your business.  How does your company generate revenue and what internal processes are critical to accomplish this?   Who are the decision makers, what are their roles, and what do they stand to gain from implementing Microsoft CRM?  How are decisions being made and what factors are driving these decisions?

Our job is to shadow, interview, and gather information, ask the right questions and help our customers document existing processes, improve upon existing processes, and create new processes.

At the core of our business consulting process is education. We educate ourselves on your business and we educate you on Microsoft CRM.

Understanding and documenting how data flows within your organization and how decisions are being made is essential. In order to help you build successful processes and implement those processes, we start by defining roles within the user base and building processes that assist everyone within that role. What processes does your sales department have in place or what process would you like them to follow? What process does your customer service department have in place or what process would you like them to follow? If you focus on building processes that can have an immediate and positive impact on a particular role, user adoption will be high.

Our Strategic Analysis is traditionally a one week engagement and will give us the opportunity to share and begin our business process consulting approach with you.

The following is a list of the most common services we perform as part of our business process consulting:

  • Education – We need to educate ourselves on your business and we need to educate you on Microsoft CRM
  • Strategic Vision – CRM is strategic decision. If you don’t already have a strategic vision, we will help you create one.
  • Pain and risk management – CRM deployments can be painful and risky. Together we will create a successful plan for your business.
  • Brain Storming – Microsoft CRM is a development platform. We will share our experience and solutions with you as they are a great starting point.
  • Consistency – Uncover and define processes that will allow for data base consistency
  • Shadowing – One of the keys to our business process consulting is our ability to shadow users and help them define what processes are already in place and which processes is critical going forward.
  • Documentation – The importance of this cannot be overlooked. This allows us to present our findings to your team and is the starting point for consistency, deliverables, and a phased approach to the implementation.

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About XRM

Business and corporations are more dynamic then ever. Only years ago, companies leveraging CRM applications were solely focused on managing and building relationships with customers as well as selling more products or services. Specifically, it was all about the customer and managing every facet of that interaction, hence the words Customer Relationship Management. Fast forward to the present day: corporations large and small want to manage much more than the simple relationship with their customers. They want to manage and track everything and build unlimited relationships based on the unique attributes of a particular business. From vendor relationship management to financial relationship management, what companies need in today’s dynamic business environment is a software application that allows them to define which relationships are critical, what data is critical and how the data should flow and be dispersed throughout the organization, what processes are critical and how each process should work, and how to manage and relate these attributes to anything the company so desires. This has spawned the term anything relationship management, more commonly known as XRM.

Unlike any other CRM application, Microsoft Dynamics CRM embodies and represents the concept of XRM; so much so that Microsoft refers to Microsoft Dynamics CRM as XRM. Although the packaged product Microsoft sells is known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it essentially is a development platform with “out of the box” CRM functionality. The development platform is what allows companies to leverage the X factor and build any and all required relationships and relate them in such a way that provides executive management with the critical business metrics that will allow them to maximize profits and efficiency. At XRM.com, we are a professional services organization that specializes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our team is comprised of unique resources, grounded in business process consulting and .Net development, committed to providing value to our customers at all times.

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XRM Services

The underlying principles that make us unique as a service organization are our diligence, discipline, and fairness in our business practices. At all times we are focused on listening, thinking, solving, and testing.

The Keys to Our Success:

  • We sincerely listen and understand our customers. We educate ourselves on what they do and we educate them on what our products and services do. Only after this has been accomplished can we define objectives, set expectations, and deliver solutions that work.
  • Follow the XRM professional services life cycle.
  • Proactively add value to our solutions.
  • We are committed to education. Educating our team internally with the latest technologies and educating our customers on our products and services.
  • We are committed to accountability and communications with our customers. Service records and logs are automated to ensure that everything we do is tracked and that our customers’ are always well aware of our progress and the cost associated with our efforts.
  • We leverage advanced technologies to create smooth workflow processes.

At XRM.com we are a professional services organization that specializes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our team is derived of unique resources, grounded in business process consulting and .Net development, committed to providing value to our customers as all times.

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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Why XRM?

At XRM.com we believe there are many reasons for the selection of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as your Customer Relationship Management application. Most importantly, we believe that no two businesses are alike. Because of this simple fact, coupled with the demanding and dynamic business world we live in, you need a development platform that can evolve with your business; be configured, customized, and developed to meet the exact requirements of your business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is precisely such an application. It is a .Net development platform with out of the box CRM functionality. The development platform of the application is what will allow companies to make the solution work exactly the way they want it to.

The top five reasons why:

  • Choice Model
  • User Adoption
  • Microsoft Back Office Integration
  • .Net development platform
  • Microsoft

At XRM.com we are a professional services organization that specializes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our team is comprised of unique resources, grounded in business process consulting and .Net development, committed to providing value to our customers as all times.

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