CWR Mobile CRM

The demand for mobile business solutions is growing. We at xRM understand the value of empowering workers in the field through convenient access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. xRM is a proud partner of CWR Mobility, the creator of CWR Mobile CRM and Microsoft’s 2010 Mobility Partner of the Year. CWR Mobile CRM is a mobile solution for the mobile professional. It helps users maintain contact with customers, fosters strong lines of communication between coworkers, and sustains productivity while on the go.

CWR Mobile CRM differs from a Web browser on a mobile device. It is a native online and offline client designed to give users quick, effective access to Dynamics CRM in a mobile device environment. CWR Mobile CRM can be launched from any of the following platforms: Windows Phone®, iPhone® and iPad®, Blackberry®, and Android™.  It has an optimal interface for small-screen browsing and provides automatic data exchanges for up-to-the-minute connectivity. CWR Mobile CRM has access to both standard and custom entities in Dynamics CRM 3.0 and 4.0.

CWR Mobile CRM is optimized for the small screens of mobile devices, giving you accurate CRM data in the limited amount of space at hand. Rather than replicating the exact interface of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, CRW Mobile CRM streamlines the interface to make navigation quick and accessible. The program empowers the user by allowing them to customize the user-interface. The profile-specific implementation allows for modification of the application to match the functional needs of a solution team. The customizable, restructured interface allows mobile business users to interact with the data they need when they are on the go.

CWR Mobile CRM is fully compliant with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Development Kit (SDK). This means any modifications made within Dynamics CRM will be supported by CRW Mobile CRM. The application allows the user to reassign tasks, exploit opportunities, and track e-mail and phone calls.

The transfer of data between the mobile device and the Dynamics CRM system is automatic. Data exchange happens on the fly so that the mobile user is not isolated from his or her organization. It also offers functionality in offline mode so the user can continue working, even without a strong network connection.

xRM is your primary source for launching and supporting CWR Mobile CRM. We are a Microsoft partner, a CWR Mobility partner, and a provider of large and small scale customized, integrated business solutions. We construct an effective implementation plan by learning about your business and its technical requirements. As the architect of your business solution, we have an intimate understanding of how CWR Mobile CRM fits into the big picture, and how it works with your hosted CRM solution. Since we tailor a business solution to your organization, xRM is your first level of support for all of its pieces.

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Microsoft Hosted CRM Add-Ons: Virtual Earth Connector

The functionality of a Hosted Microsoft CRM deployment can be extended in a number of ways.  One way is through the Virtual Earth Connector.  It allows a user to plot directions to a Lead, Contact or Account with a single click. The tool provides contextual access to Virtual Earth from the Lead, Contact, Account and Appointment forms. Additional features include the following:

Find Leads, Contacts or Accounts within a particular geographic location

  • Find hotels, restaurants, airports, etc. within a particular geographic location
  • Plot directions to multiple destinations with optimal route selection
  • Single click e-mail to Outlook or PDA
  • Single click print
  • Real-time traffic information
  • City and State lookup based on Zip Code
  • Address Verification
  • Synchronization of directions to mobile device


















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Hosted CRM Add-Ons: Web to CRM Connector

There are a number of Microsoft CRM add-ons available.  One of them is the  Web to CRM Connector, which allows an end user to easily configure any web form to submit data directly into CRM. This tool eliminates the need for developer resources and hours of programming to achieve the desired result. A user can now either simply upload the source web page or direct the tool to the URL of the source web page. The tool then parses the form and allows the user to map the fields on the web form to attributes in CRM. 








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