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You’ve got a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online trial. Now, what should you do with it?

Published on July 5, 2013 By The xRM Writing Team

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Trial Microsoft offers free 30-day trials of Dynamics CRM Online. The trial offers a potentially good avenue for evaluating CRM Online for your business’ needs. I say potentially, because many trial subscribers do not use the trial effectively. Dynamics CRM is a powerful and complex piece of software that is frequently [...]

What is an Entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Published on June 20, 2013 By The xRM Writing Team

To understand CRM, it helps to have a firm grasp on the basics, and one of the key building blocks of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is the entity. In the simplest terms possible, an entity is a table that holds a certain type of data, with the attributes (more on those later) functioning as the columns [...]

The Two Reasons CRM Trials Fail

Published on June 13, 2013 By The xRM Writing Team

As CRM consultants, we provide our clients with a lot of trials at xRM.com. Adopting new CRM applications entails risk. Understandably, many of our potential clients are reticent to invest in applications that they have not yet tried. CRM applications are complex, and evaluating their suitability during a limited trial is a daunting task. From [...]

Could you use free CRM Online training?

Published on August 1, 2012 By The xRM.com Writing Team

We’ve all had some kind of experience in the work environment with “new” and “improved” software. Usually it starts with one of those 8-hour long company meetings where you and all your coworkers are sitting in one big conference room with a “trained representative” from the company. The trained representative attempts to transfer all of [...]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Training Videos on YouTube

Published on July 31, 2012 By The xRM.com Writing Team

Recently, xRM.com made a few of its Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online training videos available on YouTube. The videos are full-length examples of the CRM Online tutorials that the company offers in the Success Portal by xRM.com, which is a free Microsoft CRM Online training resource for companies that have declared xRM.com their Microsoft Dynamics CRM [...]

Introducing the Success Portal by xRM.com

Published on July 25, 2012 By The xRM.com Writing Team

Regular readers of our blog have heard us discuss the virtues of CRM 2011 and CRM Online before and have come to see our blog as a valuable source of information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM products. Now, we would like to introduce you to the Success Portal by xRM.com for CRM Online users, our ongoing [...]

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