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Published on August 5, 2009 By genser

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5.0 will be released next year with such enhanced functionality as improved user interface and data visualization features, better sales and marketing capabilities, and closer integration with SharePoint.   Several next-generation accelerators are already available, including a partnership relationship plug-in that lets businesses adapt CRM for sales leads and opportunity management for channel [...]

What’s New: Social xRM, Part Two

Published on May 1, 2009 By genser

Forrester Analyst Jeremiah Owyang projects that in two years, social networks like Facebook and Twitter will become even more powerful than company websites and traditional CRM systems.  Customer relationships will be built on these platforms and growth will be driven by community and individual brand advocacy.    xRM comes into play again in this new era of [...]

What’s New: Social xRM

Published on April 10, 2009 By genser

Facebook just hit its 200 million user mark and Twitter’s increasing popularity is the big story so far this year.   Many companies are using social networking and micro-blogging sites such as these for their marketing efforts, but did you that they can be used to improve your customer relationships?  Twitter, for example displays some xRM key [...]

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