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Powerful Reporting with Excel Templates

Published on February 18, 2016 By The xRM Writing Team

Great news for you analysts and visualization gurus out there! With the recent release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016, it has never been easier to deep dive into your data thanks to the new Document Generation feature. As expert Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants, we at xRM can’t wait to help our clients leverage Document [...]

Quick Admin Tip: Share Charts and Views in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Published on February 2, 2016 By The xRM Writing Team

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can be intimidating to new users. It is such a powerful platform with a plethora of features that getting newcomers to adopt it can sometimes be an uphill battle. Collaboration is a key ally for battling this resistance. Getting every single user to a high level of proficiency with the system [...]

Creating Multi-entity Views in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Published on April 14, 2015 By The xRM Writing Team

Data is more abundant than ever today, but what good is all that data if you have no means of sorting through the influx? One of the goals of xRM (www.xrm.com) when helping clients deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM is to ensure that they can easily understand their data by displaying it in ways that make [...]

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