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Using Templates for Data Import in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

September 26, 2014

Once you have chosen to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM, one of the first challenges you will face is getting your data out of your existing CRM solution and into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM database for the first time. Most small businesses use some combination of spreadsheets, BCM, or a CRM-like application, such as Goldmine or [...]

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Google Chrome Temporarily Incompatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

September 26, 2014

Thanks to a recent update of Google Chrome (Google Chrome 37, released on Sept 5, 2014) Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, Dynamics CRM 2011, and Dynamics CRM Online are no longer compatible with the popular web browser. If Chrome is your browser of choice, you may have noticed some strange behavior recently when attempting to use [...]

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The Ultimate CRM for Outlook Guide – Introduction

September 9, 2014

Welcome to the first post from the “Ultimate CRM for Outlook Guide” series. In this post, we explain what Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for Microsoft Office  is and discuss the benefits of using the add-in with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for Microsoft Office Outlook? [...]

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