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How to Reschedule your Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Fall ‘13

September 18, 2013

Some customers of xRM have asked us about a peculiar message that recently appeared in their CRM Online organizations. If you are currently a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscriber, you too may have noticed this mysterious message notifying you when your organization’s upgrade to CRM Online Fall ’13 is currently scheduled. You will also receive email notifications [...]

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Get Off of My Cloud. It’s Private!

September 12, 2013

Apologies to The Rolling Stones, but these days we’re talking about software—software delivered over the internet by providers such as xRM (http://www.xrm.com/). What’s the Cloud? The cloud is that nebulous virtual software space out there where software resides when it doesn’t reside on your computer. That virtual space is made possible by very real hardware, [...]

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