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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Webinar

June 25, 2013

If you are having difficulty either evaluating your trial or implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM into your business for the first time, Microsoft Partner xRM.com now offers a free, educational webinar that can help. The webinar, “Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics CRM,” is designed to provide a brief introduction for new CRM users. Whether you are just [...]

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What is an Entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

June 20, 2013

To understand CRM, it helps to have a firm grasp on the basics, and one of the key building blocks of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is the entity. In the simplest terms possible, an entity is a table that holds a certain type of data, with the attributes (more on those later) functioning as the columns [...]

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The Two Reasons CRM Trials Fail

June 13, 2013

As CRM consultants, we provide our clients with a lot of trials at xRM.com. Adopting new CRM applications entails risk. Understandably, many of our potential clients are reticent to invest in applications that they have not yet tried. CRM applications are complex, and evaluating their suitability during a limited trial is a daunting task. From [...]

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What You Should Know About the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing Module

June 7, 2013

Marketing is one of the three main areas of Microsoft® Dynamics CRM. The Marketing area, or module as it is frequently called, enables you to centralize your marketing operations and access your data in the same application that you use for your sales and service operations. In addition to centralizing marketing data and operations, the [...]

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