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Update Rollup 6 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

August 31, 2009

Microsoft has released Update Rollup 6. This is a tested, cumulative set of updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. It includes performance enhancements that are packaged together for easy deployment. For more information about this release, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 970148:   Install Details about Update Rollup 6 You must have Microsoft Dynamics CRM [...]

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Learning Made Easy

August 21, 2009

Are you tired of reading long drawn out software manuals and user guides? Are you too busy and need to learn an application real quick? How would you like to eliminate all that paper work and just dive straight into the application and start using it? Education is very important to all of us at [...]

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Detecting Duplication for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

August 20, 2009

Microsoft CRM 4.0 has the ability to detect duplicate records with the same attribute. To enable this feature you will need to create a duplicate rule. 1.    Click on Settings, Data Management, Duplicate Detection Rule, New.   2.    The above window will have to be filled out: ·         Name the new rule ·         By default [...]

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What’s in a Name: xRM

August 20, 2009

Ever wondered what exactly makes up a name? We are all familiar with the quote from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. I do have great respect for Shakespeare and his writings but I disagree with him on this. Names are not just meanings they have identities. [...]

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Adding CRM Links to your e-mails

August 18, 2009

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 has small features that are not widely publicized, but make your life easier. One of the many that I have discovered is that you can automatically email links to almost any view in CRM 4.0.  If you were to email a co worker asking the status of an account then you [...]

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In the News

August 5, 2009

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5.0 will be released next year with such enhanced functionality as improved user interface and data visualization features, better sales and marketing capabilities, and closer integration with SharePoint.   Several next-generation accelerators are already available, including a partnership relationship plug-in that lets businesses adapt CRM for sales leads and opportunity management for channel [...]

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