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Microsoft to Expand Dynamics CRM Capabilities in 5.0

July 24, 2009

Microsoft will officially debut CRM 5.0 in 2010, but test versions of the application are slated for release to partners in the coming months.   According to Brad Wilson, General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, CRM 5.0 is in “deep development” at the moment but will feature such expanded functionality as improvements in the user interface [...]

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Crm Sdk: Extension Methods for the CrmService

July 23, 2009

I often find it tedious writing something like the following: //Instantiate our ColumnSet with desired columns. ColumnSet cols = new ColumnSet() { Attributes = new string[] { “firstname”, “lastname” } }; //Call the Retrieve method on crmService for our desired contact contact c = (contact)_crmService.Retrieve(EntityName.contact.ToString(), new Guid(“7C0F232E-7F72-DE11-8397-0015C5E3FA2″), cols); Although we know the type we are [...]

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Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

July 22, 2009

Mobile Express enables a user to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a web browser on your mobile device. This application is installed on the server and is configured in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Settings). By downloading and installing Mobile express you also download and install Update rollup 5.Mobile Express is not available to CRM online. It is [...]

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New Fixes and Updates

July 14, 2009

If you’ve been getting error messages for blocked pop-ups in CRM, here’s what do:  In IE8 go to Tools->Internet Options->Security tab.  Once there, click to “Reset all zones to default level”.  Additionally, click “Enable Protected Mode”.  Close and restart both IE and Outlook.   Get more details here.  Also, Update Rollup 5 for Microsoft CRM 4.0 [...]

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xRM: Strategies in Action

July 14, 2009

By harnessing the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, xRM can deliver a new and more flexible way to manage relationships.   Here are just a few examples:  A large, state government-based organization uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage its teacher certification program.   In the system, contacts are educators.   Each educator has areas in the system for [...]

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