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In the News: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

April 20, 2009

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 –the beta version—has just been rolled out.  With the new release, Microsoft has focused on simplicity, reliability and flexibility.   Exchange Server offers a wide array of deployment options, including Hosted and On-Premise, as well as cost-cutting features that empower users.    To register for a guided trial targeted at IT professionals, go [...]

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What’s New: Social xRM

April 10, 2009

Facebook just hit its 200 million user mark and Twitter’s increasing popularity is the big story so far this year.   Many companies are using social networking and micro-blogging sites such as these for their marketing efforts, but did you that they can be used to improve your customer relationships?  Twitter, for example displays some xRM key [...]

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IT Cost Cutting

April 1, 2009

One way in which companies today are cutting IT expenses is by having their software hosted by third-party cloud providers.  Because economies are scaled through shared costs, businesses can literally save thousands a month.   Other measures being widely adopted include outsourcing and going the SaaS route.  Read more here.

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